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Google Unveils “Project Glass” SIRI Killer; Wearable Augmented Reality Glasses Which is Totally Awesome

The prototype works, an augmented reality glasses wearer can control music, get directions, take pictures, give voice commands and conduct video chats. The glasses don’t cover the whole eye, so it seems like the wearer does something like look up to engage with the display.

The Much Anticipated @Instagram Hits Google Play; Are Android Users Pleased?


Tuesday, April 3, 2012. – New York city- Today Instagram, the popular iPhone (IOS) photography application has hit Google Play (the new Android Market). From the looks of it iOS users feel that they have been cheated on, haha ;) .

The current ratings show that the Android users are loving the app for the most part. You must have Google Play Installed to get Instagram, you can download it here if you it’s not on your device yet. Next you would wan’t to search the market or install online via the Google Play website store.

Mugen-Power Battery 3600mAh (T-Mobile G2/Desire Z ) Review


I had the privilege to test the Mugen-Power battery last week and all I have to say is “WOW”. I tested the 3600mAh battery for my T-Mobile G2 or Desire Z like you European folks like to call it.

Android users specially use their phones a lot whether it’s socializing on major social networks or surfing the web, the native battery just can’t cut it. If you do a simple search on Twitter with these keywords “Android Battery“, you will find a large amount of people complaining about their phone’s battery life being too short. Some people consider some apps to help them save their phone’s battery juice, but our friends over at Mugen-Power batteries has the answer.

I’ve heard some of you say that the batteries make your phone look “bulky”, but look at the bright side. Would you rather your phone died every two hours or go on the whole day without worrying about your phone dying? I pick Mugen-Power. I don’t mind the extra “junk in the trunk”. After reading the instructions and charging the battery for 8 hours before use. I put the bad boy to test. On heavy use it lasted about 12 hours, that includes tweeting, Facebooking, Youtubing, Tethering with an iPhone (AT&T sucks), and still managed to keep on going. On stand by with little use (just calling and text with data disabled) the bad boy could go one for almost a week, i got 5 days.

When you have a battery like that on your device you truly get the Android experience. I used to think that having an extra battery would be better, but do the math, if a battery lasts 4 hours on heavy use + 4 more hours that 8 hours in total for both. With a Mugen-poer battery you can have 10 hours or more. If you really want to bring forth Androids true potential do yourself a favor and Mugen-Power up!

App of the Week “Augment”

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Augment is a toolbox allowing you to generate textured 3d models on the fly and visualize them in a real environment using a marker (a letter format printed sheet of paper). See the following video lets you discover how it works:.

Today, more than 10 000 users are using Augment and they have access to more than 300 hundred 3d models and 1 million posters, through the Allposter API directly embedded in Augment’s Android app. In order to visualize virtual objects and get a full experience of the app, you’ll need to print this marker though.

AugmenteDev’s goal with Augment is to let anyone try objects, posters, paintings at home before buying them online. It gives an accurate preview of the size and aspect of a product. You can map textures on a Cube to create a photo-realistic effect and share it thanks to the embedded gallery so that anyone can view it.

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